Getting in touch (in the most un-kinky way possible):


YM: Astaroth.Priestess

^To be used for important crap and for sending material, articles and other stuff that will remain in my inbox for a very, very long time before my ass actually checks e-mails.

Yes, random internet stranger, I would love to be best friends, have cybersex and chat on random Instant Messengers I don't give a flying rat's ass about. Also, I enjoy being called a goth because at some point in my life, someone saw I wore a corset in some pictures I posted online. If that doesn't make me a gawf, I honestly don't know what will. Also, I LOVE being asked out by complete strangers - it's something I've dedicated my life to and I'm excited by the fact that someone realized that I'm here for dicks and not for introducing my sarcastic ass to the world.
Have a nice day!


^ To be used for 'socializing', since I'm quite fond of humanity in general. My DeviantArt account was not made because I wanted to show off my (lack of) skills but for the purpose of learning, evolving and so forth. I do not consider my ass to be artsy neither do I believe I reinvented toilet paper.
Please note that these, along with my dust covered YouTube are the only accounts I have; any others were not made by my hand and neither have I EVER registered on any forum so if you wish to contact me, please do it on one of the above mentioned profiles. I do not have a hi5 / /netlog / other pointless profile so please stop asking.