16 July 2012


There is no truth. There is no love, and there is no universe. We are just imagined notions in the mind of a child. A star-child perhaps. How else would you describe these events that show dazzling innocence blended with a lacklustre cruelty? How else would you comprehend humanity, which fails to understand its most vital emotions? It is more palpable, indeed, to focus on material and spiritual needs. But because we're a children's game, we always fail to grasp them.

Surely enough, one can achieve empirical values in both. He can say, thus, 'I've achieved this X amount of material wealth' or 'I've attained this Y level of inner spirituality'. And the amount of  purported reward is then expressed in further variables: buy this trinket or that service, travel around the Universe in ethereal form, get inconceivable physical pleasures, conquer the death of the body, perhaps, and even become a god, either of the material humans or in the spiritual plane.

But having done that there will still be an enigma, a paroxysmal return of consciousness. You may reincarnate thousands of times, live forever for all I care, do everything that can be imagined by the most insane writer (and beyond)...and still, something will re-emerge. Even when you contemplate infinity and you have forgotten about any sort of matter. Or when you became highest of the high. There is that thing, which you never did. And so, you will find the end of infinity. You will come back defeated, without any answer from neither logic or spirit. You've done everything right, yet you failed. The child outsmarted you, though you were so much further in both physical and spiritual form. You were a god, the Universe, and pure happiness. Pure outcome, Emperor and Empress conjoined.

So here you are again, mere human. Tricked by a child to endure a worthless existence, when all that is out there. You know why is that? It's simple. You refused to be a Fool, though you said you understood it. What you and the others have forgotten...is how to smile.

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