13 May 2009

Moral of life

I am nothing. I am a grain of sand in the Universe. I am what I think. I know nothing. Knowing is equal with perception and understanding? I know many and still I never know enough. I am, by essence, a small part of the universal truth. Just like you, just like all of us. I am creation of the human mind. Do you know what it's like being looked at with fear, hatred and as if you are a monster by the person you love most?
Some say love is a sin. In that case, to them I say this plane is full of saints.
I am nothing. I am limiting myself. You are limiting yourself. You refuse to believe in yourself, in what you can do, in the one you could be. Observe and learn. Learn to be, learn to deserve to be. Evolve. Break free from the shell of "life" and face reality. You are nothing. You feel sorry for yourself, because life hasn't been treating you well and your sufferings are unfair. How else would you want to evolve? You have chosen your own path. Instead on blaming it all on a fake god or "life", blame it on yourself. But keep in mind that you chose all of this for a reason. What's it going to be? Are you going to fight in order to evolve or chicken out and take it all over again? Now, in your naivity, will claim that I do not know suffering. You have no idea what suffering is, both physical and mental. Your existence is a school. You claim to have a large life-experience? Guess again. You know nothing. You are nothing. You're not above anybody else, but not bellow either, no matter how much you will claim to know. You're a grain of dust. When you will learn that, you may be able to say you earned wisdom.
Do you know who you are?


  1. Intriguing...your new post.I really felt like you're talking to me.

  2. I'm reffering to every single person out there...if anyone's willing to listen...
    PS: Leave an initial or something so I know it's you :)) It's kinda odd not knowing if it's you...

  3. You will know...

  4. :))
    Sa'mi fie cu iertaciune ca rad.....da' m'am gandit la master Yoda cand am citit...I lol'd =))