16 July 2011

In that moment

As she filled her mind with little things, small routines and cigarettes, she saw once more what was about to happen. She could prevent everything, of course, but she never had the right. 'If the boomerang is flawless, then it will face no difficulties turning back', right? So she turned to her cigar, threw an empty smile at the crowd and turned back to her routine.
She tripped and almost fell on her bottom because of an empty bottle. She didn't recall buying it so she instantly assumed it was her mother that had brought it in the house.
"Hmm...that is quite peculiar. We are all bottles. At first we're full of ourselves, thinking we have all the time in the world but then something happens. It doesn't matter what. It's either a person drinking our time or a being stepping on us. But the good news is the one drinking us, consuming us, will feel sick afterwards and the one that steps on us will trip and fall eventually. But if they cherished us we would have given them smiles. If they would wait before wanting to drain us, take away our purpose and our weird ways they would see that..."

Nothing is truly important, if you think of it. But at some point, a little girl wished that her boomerang turned back to her and that was all that mattered in that moment.


  1. There is no boomerang :) There is just chance, decisions and new horizons for those who are not afraid.

  2. And what happens when the boomerang comes back and we don't want it anymore? What happens when we waiting for it over and over again and when it comes back we are to old to care for it?

  3. "If you love something set it free. If if never comes back it wasn't mean to be."

    But if that boomerang comes back then the time spent waiting for it won't even matter.
    Situation: You've broken a finger but then your friends come over to visit and you burst into crazy laughs, talk and talk, eat, etc. You don't really care much about that broken finger anymore, do you? In fact, if you didn't break it, probably only half the people you know would be there. The point of this is that nothing comes just like that but it's the wait that makes the boomerang even more precious.

    I hope I made some sense...I can't even see the screen right...

  4. The question is, however, whether you should wait by slightly disconsidering the issue and going on your chosen directions by which you might just expand the distance...or find the things inside you and inside your life that have created this gap.

    Remember the meaning of the chariot ;)

  5. So to say we must throw the boomerang, and while we wait for it to come we should enjoy life and when it comes back be happy for that.But maybe the return of the boomerang interrupts a happy moment and then what?I think we should be the bosses of our own lives. The boomerang is a unique thing and a wondreful thing too but not many people have the posibility to throw it.

  6. "But maybe the return of the boomerang interrupts a happy moment and then what?"

    Story of my life. Never had the answer for that question though...
    You're right - we are the bosses of our lives. That's why it's up to us to decide how we'll spend our time and with who. However, if you make a wish, make sure it's what you want so that the boomerang's return won't be in vain.
    And I agree on the last part - "not many people have the possibility to throw it" - but I must say it's simply not their time.

    PS: Welcome aboard!

  7. Another thought: sometimes the boomerang is lost because it didn't know that he was thrown and especially by whom.

    And we are not, sadly the "bosses of our live". We can only control some little elements in the spare time we have after the big chief, survival, has finished with us.

    Would any of you be able to say "tomorrow I will not work, because I want to dream and to go in a far, distant land?". Maybe you could, but it would be quite crazy and would need a huge amount of courage.

    Not fearing the consequences...that's the first step in being the boss. The others, are just little things, small appogiaturas added to the big symphony.

  8. I think if we want something from the bottom of our hearts and try to achieve it we can get it in the end. It's hard to say "tomorrow i will not work" because we don't leave alone in this world, but we still have the weekend or the holiday. Than we can dream and go to a far distant and happy land. And this also means that we own our life. In my opinion to be the boss of yous life doesn't necessary means to be able to say you will not work tomorrow, but to decide if you want to do what others expect from you or to decide on your own. And I agree not fearing the consequences is the first step.
    p.s. thank for the welcoming.

  9. Super!! Ce tare esti Doamna Astaroth, frumoasa idee!!! Distractie placuta in vacanta ( din ce a mai ramas), PS: am revenit cu placere pe blog sa imi delectez creierasul dupa 3 luni fara calculator tv muzica :)) (calatoresc mult prin natura :)),

  10. Heh, multumesc!
    Bine ai revenit printre noi!